Come Try New Fruits You've Never Tasted Before!

Pluots = Plums + Apricots 

Cherums = Cherry + Plum

Peachcot= Peach + Apricot

Farmer Rob Mizuno introduces you to hybrid fruits! 

What is Hybridized Fruit?

In most cases, they're the work of farmers who have created hybrids of two or more fruits by cross-pollination: the transfer of pollen from the flower of one plant to the stigma of another. The methods they employ have, in some cases, been around for hundreds of years. But sometimes, a hybrid is a work of nature when two fruits that cross-pollinated in the wild.

Hybrids are not GMO's! 

Hybrids have nothing to do with the GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) we so often read about. Unlike GMOs, the genetics of hybrid fruit have not been altered in a lab, which can be hard to believe given their sometimes fantastical appearances.