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Cherries and Berries are in Season!

Cherries and Berries are in Season!

Cherries and Berries are in season and here’s what you need to know:



Sweet cherries are great for eating out of hand and using in fruits salads, compotes, custards, sorbets, ice cream, and yogurt.

Fresh sweet cherries come to market from mid-spring. The sweet cherry harvest can be divided into early, mid-season and late.

Here are a few sweet cherry varieties to look for at the farmers market.

Bing: large, red-black cherry with dark flesh. This is a meaty, firm, intensely sweet and juicy cherry that is also sweetly aromatic. The Bing is the most common cherry in North America. Late harvest.

Rainer: large, golden yellow skinned cherry with pink blush and firm, juicy flesh and a sweet delicate flavor. Early harvest.

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When purchasing strawberries, look at the color and condition of the skin, but also make sure to smell them. For the best strawberries, you want to smell a fragrant, sweet which shows that the berries have become ripe enough.

Look for a bright to deep red color, and try avoiding any berries that appear very dark and mushy, indicating they are going to soil pretty quickly. A strawberry picked under-ripe will have a white or even slightly green color at the top, so try avoiding these which will lack as much flavor or else wait several days for them to ripen more before eating them.

Strawberries come in different sizes depending on the type and how they are grown; some are much smaller than others, but all types have similar health benefits. They are perishable and tend to go bad rather quickly, so try using them within a few days of purchasing them. Keep strawberries in the refrigerator unwashed to pro-long their freshness; washing them ahead of time can lead to mold growth.

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Fresh Cherries

Fresh Cherries

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries