(excerpt from Everyday Organics)

Produce: See Rio de Parras Organics Seasonal Produce Chart

Farmland: Five acres in Salinas, CA

People: Eleazar Juarez is the owner. Two workers help on the farm. Eleazar’s wife, Ana, and two children help out at the farmers’ markets.

Certification: Certified Producer in Monterey County

Farm History: Born and raised in Michoacán Mexico, Eleazar has always been close to farming. He came to the U.S. in 1985 to live with his Uncle. When he wasn’t at school he was on the land farming beans, squash, and corn. In 2004, he joined the Small Farmer Education Program (PEPA) offered by the Agricultural Land Based Association (ALBA) in Salinas. He is happy to be growing foods naturally with no synthetic chemicals and fertilizers to feed his own family and for local farmers’ markets.

Pest Management: Crop rotation and ladybugs are used for biological pest control.

Weed Control: Weed control is done manually with a hoe and occasionally with a tractor.

Personal Note: Ana is a great cook! One of the family’s favorites is acelgas con papas (chard with potato).

What motivates you to do this work? Eleazar enjoys being his own boss and growing organic products that his customers like. He is happy that his business has given him a decent lifestyle with the profits he makes.

To Contact: 831-682-3376