Interested in starting a farmers' market?

CFMA markets are award-winning successful farmers' markets which is why we receive so many requests to develop new farmers' markets. Although  we would enjoy opening new markets in all the requested spaces, some locations are simply not suitable. Our team relies on decades of combined experience to select sites that have potential for success. This process takes several days over 3 weeks.  If your site wants to host a farmers' market, there are a number of factors to consider.

First, Certified Farmers' Markets May only be operated by a California non-profit, a government agency, or a certified producer.

CFMA partners with Site Sponsors who provide amenities for a farmers' market while enjoying the benefits of consistent routine visits to their property. Please contact us if your site meets the following criteria:

  • Parking for 25 to 55 farmers/vendors trucks,
  • Adequate parking for consumers, 120 to 150 carparks. 
  • Adequate space for the market aisle to accommodate mandatory fire code laws.
  • Access to a minimum of 30,000 households with in 3 miles. 
  • A good neighbor distance from existing nearby certified farmers' markets. Please keep in mind when considering hosting a farmers' market, that adequate unmet demand in your area will ensure a crowd. Demand is a function of several factors in each specific area.

Determining success factors ahead of time works toward ensuring effective use of resources. We can assess your location to determine if our partnership will be a success. Our initial site visit occurs after the development team has reviewed and evaluated your location for further determination. If the site passes as a possible location to host a farmers' market, we will begin the planning process. A budget of $12,000 to $20,000 is needed to successfully open a new a farmers' market. CFMA contributes proportionately toward the start-up funds depending on the level of In-kind contributions rendered. The funds are dedicated toward the awareness campaign, planning permit process, and farmer recruitment that yields a product mix that meets the area's demand.  This process can take 100-150 hours in staff time.  

If your site meets the criteria listed above,  please tell us a bit about your location in the form below. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Please note, it takes approximately 6 months  to open a farmers' market. Please contact us by October for an opening in the following May. 


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