Information for Farmers and Vendors

We love that Farmers' Markets bring people together, and provide you the opportunity to make a living doing what you love.

Our Farmers' Markets are managed by an established team that has been successfully managing award-winning farmers' markets in the Bay Area for over 20 years.

Because of this, many of our markets are full, but from time to time new spaces open up due to a site expansion, new market day, vendor turnover, or other reasons.

Farmers (Certified Producers) can apply to be in markets any time. Other Non-Agricultural Food Purveyors can apply each year from January to March. Unfortunately an application is not a ticket into a market as space is limited.

To maintain the highest quality state-certified farmers' markets, California Farmers' Markets Association requires that all Certified Producers and Non-Agricultural Food Purveyors follow our Rules and Regulations.


Additional Important Rules at CFMA certified farmers' markets

  1. It is illegal for farmers to buy and re-sell agricultural products at a Certified Farmers Market.

  2. A Certified Farmers’ Market may only be operated by a local government, a certified producer or a non-profit organization.


Tips to Get your non-agricultural foods Into the Farmers' Market

Step 1: Develop a line of food.
All prepared foods must be juried before sales at the Market. Make sure your foods and their packaging are something you are proud to present!

Step 2: Have a Commercial Kitchen, or locate one you can rent.
All Non-Agricultural products are required by law to be manufactured in a certified commercial kitchen.

Step 3: Visit Markets you are interested in
Do your research to find which markets have the crowd and demographics that fit your product. Crowd count information is not available. It is best to go to the market as a customer for a few weeks to determine potential demand for your product.

Step 4: Develop Food Safety Handling Plan
You and all of your employees must be trained and follow your food safety plan.

Step 5: Submit a complete application to CFMA

Step 6: Acceptance into a Market
CFMA does not guarantee placement into specific markets. If you are accepted into a market which is not your first choice, CFMA looks forward to becoming acquainted with you at our other market locations. By establishing a relationship with California Farmers’ Markets Association, and providing a pleasant, responsible, and professional work experience your chance of being selected for a market of higher demand will increase. Then when there is an opening for your kind of product, your chance of being selected increases.

Step 7: Buy Health Permits, and Supplies
Please do not obtain a health permit prior to this point. Health permits cannot be refunded. When you’ve been accepted into a market, you can safely make the investment into the necessary health permits and market equipment such as canopies, tables, safety devices, etc.

Step 8: Come to Market
Sell your product and have fun!